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Our corporation introduced overseas technology and equipments for the processes of W-Ni-Fe through the twenty yeas process and technology research. At present, we can produce the two major tungsten alloy products: W-Ni-Fe; W-Ni-Cu. which contain 60~97Wt% tungsten and possess technical advantage. The products vary in shape from rod, ball, ring block strip to abnormal pieces according to the user’s request, We can provide other types and sizes tungsten alloy products with varying contents, properties, shapes sizes.

Tungsten alloy have excellent radiation resistence, electric and thermal conductivities(0.2~0.3CGs)and corrosion resistence with high density (15~18.5/cm3)and good mechanical strength(b can reach 1200-1300MPa).It has small coefficient of expansion (4~6×10-6/℃)and large elastic modulus(~340×103MPa)It is exetensively used in military equipment, nuclear, mechanical manufacturing, aircraft components, medical shields and sports equipment.
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