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 About us

We always focus on below items fromdesign&development to each process procedure,

1.On benefit with high efficiency, saving fuel,reducing usage cost and making more profit to   users,meanwhile energy resource price getshigher,we believe that it is critical to our customers.If we can save energy exhaust to the customers,not only customers can reduce cost,but also it is useful for them on carbon release and highlight our life quality index.

Our products,

   ----Turbocharge Centrifugal Pumps,usage efficiency rate68%

------15KW two-cylinder air-cooled diesel engine

Fuel exhaust rate 255g/kw.h

Carbon Release Standard:Euro II,also upgrade to Euro IV.

1. Strict Quality Control of Parts

We realize deeply that commerce honesty is base and power for business partners and provide plus value.So quality of parts is important key to profit of manufactures,retails,and also users’ expectation and choice.

We go through available methods,strict testing to make parts be stable and reliable.Nearby we improve and upgrade product quality stepby step.

a.Acceptable Cost Control

We focus fully that business partners can get and get moreprofit,then it is vital for us on part innovation,production,so that we canlast long cooperative relation.In other words,price of products leads toimportant factors.To highlight the advantages fully that Made in China,various excellent resources,strong management,we can make quality and cost keep levelpoint.

We deeply believe that our products are better on function&price so that they make marketing stronger competition advantage.

b. Special and independent parts

     We understand that good parts should be unique based on original technology and  innovation,meanwhile they can create more swift and useful values to users.

   Therefore,our productsindicate,

Turbocharge Centrifugal Pumps-that apply turbocharge and centrifugal pump contacted together.And we have our patent which upgrades work efficiency widely and reduce productioncost & usage cost.

Two Cylinder air-cooled diesel engine-based on same product technology,apply Chinese diesel engine research technology-Digital fuel regulator and combine excellent resources from Chinese diesel manufactures,we’ve designed and produced an diesel engine whose function,quality,application and price is more comprehensive.So the product have gotten many patents.

2. Strong professional team ,R&D,Production Team make excellentproducts and service.

a.Team for Diesel Engine

    R&D Team-North China institute of engine(strategic partners,professional project team)

              ——the most famous institute of diesel engine in China

Product ManufactureTeam-northern Shanxi engine Co., Ltd     

                  (strategicpartners,professional project team)

  —— the earliest production line from Germany Deutz air cooled dieselengine in China


Sales&Service Team-the northern Shanxi engine Co., Ltd

               Fujian Jiahengtong Industry &Trade Co.,Ltd

Investment&Management Team-Fujian HAW Machinery&Power Co.,Ltd

b. Turbocharger Centrifugal Pump Team

R&D Team-North China institute of engine(strategicpartners,professional project team)

Product ManufactureTeam-Fujian YiRong Machinery co.,Ltd(strategic partners, precision  machinery part fabricated)      

Sales&Service Team--Fujian JiahengtongIndustry & Trade Co.,Ltd

Investment&Management Team--FujianJiahengtong Industry & Trade Co.,Ltd

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